Tabari Artspace To Present Beyond The Grid

Apr 21,2018

Dubai’s Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Artspace – Tabari Artspace – is showcasing unique artwork by the London-based Saudi Arabian artist Lulwah Al Homoud from the 30th of April to the 28th of June 2018.

Lulwah’s distinctive creation – Beyond The Grid – is a selection of abstract artworks that pull inspiration from traditional Islamic art to incorporate geometry and calligraphy to bring to life the present-day pieces.

Tabari Artspace will display some large-scale minimalistic pieces that imitate geometric shapes of Optical Art in singular and daring colours. Other pieces to be awed by are the 50 silkscreens from the artist’s 99 names of God series – which will be showcased as limited-edition bound books.

These spectacular artworks were created by the artist’s fascination with written language, Arabic calligraphy, and Islamic geometric designs. By merging these interests, artworks were created by deconstructing letters, numbers, and shapes to reconstruct new and exciting formations.

Lulwah Al Homoud: “As we engage in the dichotomies of existence, the rhetoric between substance, essence and fate compels us into asking what is abstract, what is solid, what is common and what is particular.”

With that statement in mind – the exhibition is sure to demonstrate the artist’s want to test limits and push boundaries.