Meditate Dance Theatre

Apr 16,2018

Experimental production # M E D I T A T E  DANCE-THEATRE by the HERE & NOW COLLECTIVE gets set to premiere at Centerpoint Theatre, DUCTAC on Thursday 26th April. Conceptualized and directed by Abu Dhabi based French choreographer Fleur Antoine-Hindermeyer, the production is a confluence of dance, theatre, martial arts, meditation, singing, live music, spoken word and multi-media. Going beyond entertainment, the content of the show attempts to progressively lead the audience through an inner journey.


“I conceived  # M E D I T A T E  DANCE-THEATRE  as a journey through living arts and traditions practiced in Asia and Europe. Traditional dances and music from India and Spain, martial arts from China and meditative movements inspired by Sufi tradition follow each other on stage to form a story: the story of the journey of going deeper within the self. A journey from emptiness to pure joy via a progressive, unifying process through sound-movement creation and reception” explained Fleur, the Artistic Director and Choreographer of the show.

After 3 years of philosophical and practical research on the process of meditation, Fleur began the creation of # M E D I T A T E  DANCE-THEATRE in June 2017 with the formation of the HERE & NOW COLLECTIVE – a group of collaborators including singers, dancers, musicians and actors based in the UAE, India and Europe. Following conception, the content of the show was developed across a period of nine months through rehearsals in Spain, Paris and Dubai, culminating in a one-week residency and preview at Manarat al Sadiyaat in Abu Dhabi in February 2018.


The HERE & NOW COLLECTIVE currently consists of 11 artists from 7 nations including India, Spain, Italy, France, Armenia, Madagascar and China. Among the featured artists are Flamenco dancer Raquel Reina, Martial arts master and actor Man Yan Hor and Flamenco and Persian music singer Roseta Torres. The ensemble also features celebrated Indian percussionist and vocalist B.C. Manjunath who has previously toured with TOROBAKA by Akram Khan Company & Israel Galvan.

Fusing music and movement, singing and chanting, tradition and modernity, the 73 min performance opens with a chaotic Prologue to signifying the “monkey mind”.  This act leads into the 3 main chapters of the show entitled: Space/Here, Time/Now and Energy/Here & Now. Space/Here is about the body and its connection with space, explored through the language of traditional and contemporary Kathak. Time/Now is linked to the mind and is expressed through the rhythm of Flamenco. Energy/ Here & Now explores the body-mind connection through martial arts with movements from Qi gong and Tai Chi and energetic sounds of mantras and traditional sutras.

The rhythm of Kathak and Flamenco, as well some contemporary/Buto phrases of gestures make a come back to signify the deeper energetic state of the body-mind unification. The show concludes with a high energy Epilogue that unites all the artists in a joyful blending of artistic expressions. Following the premiere at DUCTAC,  # M E D I T A T E  DANCE-THEATRE  will tour around the world during 2018-2019.

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