Dubai Opera Announces Arabic Music Festival

Apr 03,2018

Dubai Opera has announced an Arabic Music festival - dxbeats on 28th April. Tickets are now on sale on the Dubai Opera website, book on or before 9th April to avail early bird discounts.

Festival-goers can look forward to a lively show as Dubai Opera transforms into a flat floor concert hall with five blissful hours of music. The five acts performing are:


Yasmine Hamdan, Lebanon 

Her band Soapkills was one of the very first independent electronic bands in the Middle East and its innovative approach exerted a lasting influence. Hamdan has long been considered an underground icon in the MENA region.


Sharmoofers, Egypt

The Sharmoofers have been generating buzz around the region for a few years now and their music although hard to categorize can be described as Reggae, Funk and Latin beats infused with humour.


The Wanton Bishops, Lebanon

Think raw gritty blues, epic rock riffs, and heady Arabic crescendos and you have The Wanton Bishops. This is blues leveraged indie rock at its finest.


Manal, Morocco

Sony music just signed this talented singer and her single Taj has been making waves. Manal's Marrakech inspired musical style can be heard on her records and its a breath of fresh air.


Moh Flow, Syria

Syrian rapper Moh Flow is currently based in Dubai and is an active member of the local music scene - He will perform songs from his acclaimed debut album This is Yo(u)


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