Design Days Dubai To Join Dubai Design Week

Mar 04,2018

The unique and established art fair Design Days Dubai has been renamed Downtown Editions. Along with the new name, the fair will move to join Dubai Design Week later this year. The meeting of the two fairs will make a fantastic juxtaposition for visitors.

The original Design Days Dubai back in 2012 was one of the first design related "happenings" in the city. You could argue the fair was a catalyst for all the action and creative activity we are witnessing today.

The new name and location for Design Days Dubai will mark a new collaborative chapter between the two design fairs. Holding the two events together will only strengthen them and negate any competition between them. Together, they will attract a larger crowd of international visitors rather than forcing visitors to choose.

At Downtown Editions, we can still expect the classic fair we have grown to know and love. Collectible and limited edition designs will be carefully chosen and displayed. Featured designs will be furniture, lighting and other related designed objects. The chosen works will herald from local designers, designers from the region, and designers from international visiting design galleries. Along with the curated objects, an independently minded program of talks, live performances, installations, and workshops will take place.

To read more about Downtown Editions visit their website.