Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes

Mar 04,2018

This is the Final Call for the "Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes" competition since the closing date for submissions is 13th March 2018. The competition has cash prizes for over 20 different categories and competitors are being asked to portray Abu Dhabi from their own personal perspective. You can submit photography, a short film or artwork.



Entries should fit in one of the following topics: People & Life, City & Architecture, Culture & Traditions, Nature & Wildlife, Sports & Leisure, or Landscapes.

The judges are looking out for photographs which demonstrate creativity and quality. The judges are also looking out for impactful, emotive images, which capture the essence of Abu Dhabi.



This year film is being included as a medium for the very first time. There are two topics for competitors: 24 hours in 24 seconds and People of Abu Dhabi.

Filmmakers of all ages and ability/ experience are welcome to take part. The 24 hours in 24-second films should aim to capture the essence of Abu Dhabi in 24 seconds. People of Abu Dhabi should be a one minute film, no longer, and should capture the essence of one person whom the film is about.



The art medium is for students (writers and artists), they can be living in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the world. The submitted work should be a creative response to Abu Dhabi and the artist's interpretation of the country. The work could be a sculpture, painting, or even graphic art.

Artists need to bear in mind that submissions are digital and you will need to be able to share the submission in a digital format.

Main winners of Photography, Film and Art categories will take home 50,000 AED each and students can win up to 15,000 AED

For more information about the competition visit the "Our Abu Dhabi" website.