Ing Creative Festival At D3 This Year

Feb 27,2018

The –ing creative festival looks all set to return to D3 – Dubai Design District. The festival will be held from 11th-13th April this year.

Serving the creative community in Dubai, –ing has put together another cracking program of workshops, talks, a creative market, networking opportunities and live music. Through their activities –ing aim to unlock the potential of creative people living and working in Dubai, and to provide a platform for the blossoming art scene.

This year's festival looks like it will be another exciting event.

Some notable speakers include the typographer and calligrapher, Seb Lester, who will talk about NASA and how he managed to amass 2 million followers on social media.

Karen Kasmauski worked as a photographer for the National Geographic for more than 20 years. She also developed the award-winning short documentary Fall Seven, Get up Eight: The Japanese War Brides. Karen will talk about how her early experiences shaped her life and the work she would go on to produce.

A product designer from New York Cat Audi became a designer by accident. She now works for Facebook designing news and publisher experiences.  No doubt, Cat will shed light on the process of design when the environment is such a well-known platform.

Ramsey Naja is the Chief Creative Officer for J. Walter Thompson MENA. The network is now one of the most awarded in the region. Ramsey will discuss advertising in modern times, and analyze if advertising is really being rendered obsolete?

Other key speakers to look out for are Tron Mai, head of story at Dreamworks, Bosco Hernandez, design director at San Francisco of Modern Art, and Aoi Yamaguchi, a calligrapher from Hokkaido.

The speakers will hold talks as well as workshops. Some key workshops to look out for are, Personal Branding by Frankie Ratford from the Design Kids, Smart Dialogue with Disney and Screen Printing 101.

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