Barzakh Festival Coming Soon

Feb 16,2018

Good news for music fans. On 28th February and 1st March, the Barzakh Festival will delight audiences with global genre shattering music.

Five bands will play over the two days - 47SOUL and Pedro Coquenão / Batida on 28th Feb and The Ex + Fendika, RAM, and Al Nuban Folklore Troupe on 1st March. Performances will start at 7.30pm each day.

"Barzakh" is a place in the sea where salt water and sweet water mix but don't fully combine to make a single liquid or dilute each other. The salt and sweet co-exist in swirls without changing the essence of one another. The festival will be held at New York University Abu Dhabi and tickets are priced at 105 AED.



28th February:


A pounding Arabic electro Dabke band formed in Amman, Jordan in 2013. Since then they have stormed the Arab world and Europe bringing Dabke to the West and dance beats to the East. They promise a whirlwind of a show.

Pedro Coquenão | Batida

Pedro is more widely known as Batida, a radio show he created to share music and news on the afrotronic music scene. He has performed widely at festivals across the world.


1st March:

The Ex + Fendika

In any other circumstance perhaps an unlikely collaboration. Dutch punk musicians The Ex, and Ethiopian group Fendika present a lively amalgamation of African celebration and Dutch electrics. Fendika features the Azmari (griot-esque storyteller) and dancer Melaku Belay. Prepare to be blown away.


The band from Haiti blend rock and traditional Haitian sounds and lyrics, resulting in an uplifting set, finding new paths through sound. Even though many Haitians have felt they have no option but to leave the island RAM resolutely remain, playing weekly sets at the historic Hotel Oloffson in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Al Nuban Folklore Troupe

Al Nuban Folklore Troupe is one of the last groups maintaining the Afro-Emirati tradition, which used to be the must-have music for weddings, celebrations or any significant event in Dubai. Led by Taher Ismael, two lines of dancers stand facing one another to play, accompanied by a tamboura, drums, manjour, with call and response vocals.


For more information about the festival and to buy tickets visit: