Apple To Host Typography Workshops At Dubai Mall

Feb 10,2018

The Apple Store at Dubai Mall is all set to host a series of typography workshops at their premises. Artists, poets, and photographers will host workshops and Live Art events through the month of February. The series offers an excellent opportunity to see successful creative's in action and learn from them.


13th February – Live Art: Modern Arabic Calligraphy

7.30am-9.30pm - Wissam Shawkat will demonstrate the creative process he follows when he creates elegant Arabic lettering with a contemporary feel. Attendees will also have the opportunity to use the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to create calligraphic designs.

For more information on Wissam Shawkat click here.


17th February – Live Art: Creating Type-Hybrids with Möbius Design Studio

11:00am-12.30pm - Möbius Design will curate a hands-on experience combining drawing, animation, and 3D-design. Möbius talk will include the journey they made from passionate typographers to professionals. They will also show attendees how to use their animated font designs on Mac or iPad Pro to make their own creations.

For more information on Möbius Design click here.


20th February – Live Art: Exploring Typography in Design

7.30pm -9.30pm - Abjad Design will share typography design techniques for Arabic lettering, and methods to use those letters to transform everyday objects.  This will be a very hands-on workshop and attendees will be able to try the demonstrated techniques using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

For more information on Abjad Design click here.


21st February – Live Art: Abstract Calligraphy Forms

7.30pm-9.30pm - Majid AlYousef will explore the use of Arabic calligraphy forms to produce abstract art. Majids will also share techniques to help attendees shape letters and give them movement. During the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to try out techniques using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

For more information on Majid AlYousef click here.

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