Upcoming Events At Alserkal Avenue

Feb 08,2018

Alserkal Avenue has a busy two months ahead of them. Over February and March, there are many engaging and interesting events lined up, from photography week, to film screenings and new exhibitions. What should you be looking out for?  



7th – 12th February GPP Photo Week

The opening night of the GPP will be held on the 6th February at Concrete. The event is open to the public.

The exhibitions will display work by photographers from the Middle East and beyond. Look out for Khalik Allah's dignified portraits of the homeless in New York, Osborne Macaria as he re-imagines the lives of seven women and the Shift your Focus group show featuring work from local photography clubs.

GPP photography week will hold a wide range of workshops where you can learn and improve different aspects of your own photography. Move fast to book your place because a number of the workshops are already sold out.

For more information about the GPP Photo Week: http://gulfphotoplus.com/

The program details: http://alserkalavenue.ae/en/event/gpp-photo-week-2018.php


12th February Alserkal Avenue Late Opening

On the last day of the GPP galleries will remain open from 6-9pm to give visitors more time to enjoy the exhibitions.


21st February A talk to be held by Art Jameel: In Transit

To be held at the A4 Space Cinema Room at 7pm.


24th February Cultural Narratives Exhibition Opening

Warehouse 61 to hold the Cultural Narratives Exhibition opening on the 24th February from 10am-7pm. The travelling exhibition will be open from the 24th – 10th March.

Arab and Persian artists from across the Middle East have been collaborating to make works of art that reflect their cultural uniqueness while at the same time transcending the boundaries which exist across the Middle East. 160 works of art are featured in the exhibition. As a whole, the show highlights the contribution artists from the Middle East have made to the fabric of the Art World as a whole.

For more information about the exhibition: http://alserkalavenue.ae/en/event/cultural-narratives.php

22nd – 24th February Romanian Film Nights

Most people living outside of Romania know very little about the country and the culture. Romanian film nights organized by Selections Magazine, for Alserkal Avenue aims to do something about that.  

Outdoor film screenings of Romanian films will be held from the 22nd – 24th February at the Yard. 

22nd Feb at 8pm: The Anniversary

23rd Feb at 7pm: Two Lottery Tickets

24th Feb at 7pm: Billion Star Hotel

For more details: http://alserkalavenue.ae/en/event/cultural-narratives.php


28th February Plan for Feminist Greater Baghdad Exhibition Opening

Ala Younis holds a solo exhibition at Project Space Art Jameel from the 28th February – 14th April. 

The solo exhibition builds on Ala Younis original work from 2015 – Plan for Greater Baghdad. In this recently commissioned work, the contribution of women and their influence on the city is uncovered.   
For more details of the exhibition: http://alserkalavenue.ae/en/event/ala-younis-plan-for-feminist-greater-baghdad.php


Two Saturday's in February – Guided Tours for the Public

On two Saturday's in February Alserkal Avenue will hold one hour guided tours around the avenue for members of the public.

10th February at 11am | 4th February at 4pm

To register to join a tour e-mail: rsvp@alserkalavenue.ae



5th March Ishara: Signs, Symbols and Shared Languages Exhibition Opening

Concrete will be opening a new exhibition at 6.30pm on the 5th March. The viewing is open to the public. In partnership with UAE Unlimited, the exhibition will show new works from ten artists based in Dubai. The exhibition explores the concepts of communication and specifically means of communication when there is not a shared language. It will run until 1st April

For more information: http://alserkalavenue.ae/en/event/ishara-in-concrete.php


 19th-24th March Art Week at Alserkal Avenue

The end of March promises to be a big week at Alserkal, put the dates in your diaries now. All the details are yet to be revealed, but early indications look very interesting. There will be majlis talks and pop up projects as a part of the weeklong event.


19th March Galleries Night

As a part of Art Week, the Galleries in Alserkal Avenue will open from 6-10pm as they open their new exhibitions for the week.


19th March Alserkal Programming Artist Commission Opening – Under, 2018-02-07

In the Yard opens the commissioned public installation by Hale Tanger. Hale's thought-provoking work asks important questions as she recalls how birds were trained to fly low by putting low nets in the forests where aristocrats hunted. The birds forgot they could fly high even after the nets were removed. The birds were then easy prey for the hunting parties that entered the woods. The artist asks if birds can forget they can fly high what then, can humans forget?

Find out more: http://alserkalavenue.ae/en/event/under-2018.php


For further info visit https://alserkalavenue.ae