Zaina El-Said Exhibition Set To Open This Month

Feb 04,2018

Jordanian collage artist Zaina El-Said latest exhibition is all set to open at The Workshop in Jumeirah, Dubai. The exhibition is curated by Fann A Porter and will run from the 7th February to the 6th March. Titled "Goddesses and Metaphors" the exhibition will showcase twenty-two of Zaina's mixed-media works from two collections, “Expressions of Life” and “Sahara Goddesses".

Zaina El-Said works with collage techniques to bring together different elements, textures, and patterns. As a result, within the works, she collates ideas and diversity. Her works are colorful, surreal and a delight to get lost in.

“My upbringing was divided between a tribal/military atmosphere as well as artists and designers. Thus, my artwork followed a similar pattern. In my work, a central character (hero or authority figure) leads the work and is interwoven within a story of patterns, ideas, architecture, and details that belong to completely different origins. I focus on creating harmony through differences and create oneness from contrast of color and ideas to convey the importance of transcending differences if one is to focus on beauty” – Zaina El-Said.

Zaina is an accomplished emerging artist. She has exhibited in Russia and Jordan, as well as being commissioned by collectors from Egypt, London and Istabul.

For further information on the exhibition contact Noor Alasker on +971559480363 or Kemi Ojikutu on +971525114749 . To learn more visit: or