Emirates Short Film Festival 2018

Jan 24,2018

The Emirates Short Film Festival (ESFF) is back for its fifth year. On Friday 26th January, the shortlisted films will be screened at the Vox Cineplex Grand Hyatt. This year ESFF received over five hundred applications which has now been whittled down to twenty.

The screening will be followed by an award ceremony where twenty-nine awards are up for grabs. ESFF is a non-profit organization and entry to the awards is free.


Date: 26 January 2018
Time: 9:00 - 17:00
Venue: Vox Cineplex Grand Hyatt - Cinema 6


Film Schedule

Young Filmmakers category - screening begins at 09:00 am

Homeless, a film by Matthew Tan Yi Jian and Sebastian Dimarino (Documentary)
A room without a view, a film by Anton Charles
Victim, a film by Mansoor Chavakkad 
Every Chance Given, a film by Nisar Babu
Forever, a film by Simrat Sandhu
Happiness, a film by Achu
Addicted, a film by Babu Babupaul Paul
Labour Room, a film by Shamnas PP
Long Tall Ruby, a film by Sayed Kassem
The Impasse, a film by Ved Unshiv 
Treat or Treat, a film by Rimoh Jacob
Janus, a film by Suzette Peachie Zyra Rey, Sherisse Condenuevo, and Melvin Rañeses
Connection, a film by Mark Stanley
The Mug, a film by Methil Komalankutty
Pirake, a film by Shajahan Changaramkulam
Trapped Soul, a film by Nadir Khan
Call Simran, a film by Phani Chandra
Game Over, a film by Syed Mohammed Hadi and Melissa Ureshti
Outtakes, a film by Hamza Hassan 
Road to Greatness, a film by Shawn Love Rapha
El Color de la  Corriente (The color of the current), a film by Rodrigo Luqueand 


Professional Filmmakers Category - Screening begins at 1:00 pm

Khadija, a film by Sayed Kassem (Documentary)
Aaro Oral (Anonymous), a film by Nisar Ibrahim
Clean Job, a film by Sayed Kassem
Conscience, a film by Danish Jalil K
L'Attente (The Wait), a film by Ashish Varghese
Lasting Silence, a film by Farhan Abbas
Masquerade, a film by Firas Sameer Zeki
Metal Morphosis, a film by Carrie D'souza
Macaw, a film by Kirill Kripak
Rendezvous, a film by Salman Ager
Skipped, a film by Faisal Hashmi
Take 7, a film by Sepehr Qeshmi
The Kick, a film by Zubaik Pro
War Sweet Home, a film by Haya Altamimi
Girl Next Door, a film by Melon Quinzon Perez
You, a film by Amr Al-Khani
Still Life, a film by Matthew Tan
Bugpiper, a film by Shibu Sulaiman
Limbo, a film by Raj Sekhar
Let it go, a film by Sandeep Sukumaran
She, a film by Philip Rachid (Documentary)

Guest movie: Far Away, a film by Milad Nasiri

For further info on ESFF visit EmiratesFilmmakersGuild