Sharjah Film Competition

Jan 19,2018

Sharjah Art Foundation has opened a competition for emerging filmmakers in the UAE. The winner will be awarded $30,000 to fund the production of their short film (a film of 50 minutes or less).

The competition opened on the 15th January and will close on the 26th February. Winners must complete their film by January 2019. Completed films will be shown at the Sharjah Film Platform(SFP) screenings and other locations in the Emirates.

The competition represents a wonderful opportunity for film-makers to achieve their filming dreams no matter their background and financial capacity. If you have a story that needs to be told and the vision to direct a fifty-minute film short. Then, now is the time to get your submission ready.

Submissions are made through an online form and a 3-minute video uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube. A link to your video should be included in the online form.

The video submission should showcase your creative skills as a filmmaker and present information about the film you want to make. You should visually communicate information to the viewer such as the theme, plot, setting, genre and character introduction.

To learn more visit the competition website.