Salvador Dali Exhibition

Jan 16,2018

Salvador Dali is arguably the worlds most recognized surrealistic painter. And his paintings have been studied and parodied numerous times. How many times have you seen his melted clock in cartoons and other pop culture images?

From the 11th February to the 22nd April the Conference Hall of the DIFC,  will display Salvador Dali's paintings and lithographs alongside photographs from his lifetime..

All the works have been brought together from private collections and you may not get another chance to see them displayed in public. In fact, the famous work Shower of Jasmine will be included in the exhibition!. This exhibition will be the third time the private collector has allowed the work to be available for public viewing.

Alongside Salvador Dali's original works will be photographs of the artist taken by his friend Robert Descharnes. Robert's son Nicholas – an expert on Dali, has chosen the photographs for the exhibition and has been the guest curator.

The exhibition will be open daily from the 11th February - 22nd April. Sunday to Thursday from 1 PM - 10 PM. Fridays and Saturdays from 10 AM - 10 PM.