Sell Your Artwork At World Art Dubai

Jan 14,2018

Submissions are now open for artists and galleries to sell their artwork at Dubai's affordable Art Fair – World Art Dubai.  This year will be the 4th edition of the global art fair and represents an excellent opportunity for artists, groups, and galleries to grow their audience, gain exposure and generate valuable sales.

The development and success of the fair over the last four years is a testament to Dubai's fast developing art scene. Local artists from the UAE can use the opportunity of being directly involved in the Dubai art scene and build connections in the industry.

In the 6,000 square meter exhibition space exhibitors will showcase their work alongside a diverse collection of artists, galleries and artist groups. This means exhibitors receive global and local representation at the fair.Last year's "World Art Dubai" was a big success with approximately 10,000 visitors over the four days. During the art fair, 33% of buyers spent from 5,000 to 10,000 AED. Visitors attended the fair from over 97 countries.

The artwork you intend to sell at the fair should be priced from $100 to $20,000. Accepted mediums are prints, paintings, sculpture, mixed media, digital art, new media or photography.

The fair will be open from the 18th- 21st April 2018.                                 

You can apply for exhibition space on the World Art Dubai website: