Three Innovative Design Projects Scheduled To Open In 2018

Jan 07,2018

As we leave 2017 behind there is a lot to look forward to in 2018. Keep an eye out for these three projects, due to be completed later this year:

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

The Mohammed Bin Rashid library once completed will begin operating as a hub for education, academia, culture and preservation of knowledge. The library will host events with speakers from all over the world, and also digitally connect with other hubs across the world to collect and preserve important publications.

The design of the building mimics the "Rehl" which is used to hold the Quran whilst reading. Thus the building symbolically states its aim; to be a vessel holding precious knowledge.

The Rehl, carries books in general and more specifically the Quran. In the same way a library carries and preserves the cultural treasures of a nation in the form of literature, periodicals and audio visual media. In this respect the architectural concept of the library is based symbolically on the lectern, the Rehl, and translates this into a modern 21st century vocabulary. – Architectural concept, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Foundation.


CLYMB Abu Dhabi

CLYMB Abu Dhabi will be an architecturally dynamic venue and an exciting space to host events. The venue will host a flight chamber to experience "skydiving" without having to actually jump out of a plane. Once the project is complete the flight chamber will be the largest of its kind in the world. Those who enjoy climbing will be pleased to learn that a climbing wall will also be part of the attraction. It will be the highest indoor climbing wall in the world!.


Aladdin City Dubai

Aladdin City is a large building complex in Dubai, designed to look like Aladdin's Lamp. The architecture is giddy and innovative and once completed the building will be well worth a visit. This structure hosts a range of different offices and hotels, along with parking for up to 900 vehicles.

It seems we have an exciting year ahead as we patiently wait for these amazing projects to come to life!