Step Up Academy Dubai Wows Disneyland Paris

Dec 03,2017

Step up Academy Dubai have recently returned from a special dance performance at Disneyland Paris and they are now the first Dance School in the UAE to have performed there. During the 5-day trip, the team of 22 dancers, 5 teachers and 12 chaperones, not only had a wonderful opportunity and experience performing, but they also enjoyed the rides and other special performer only events. 

The 20-minutes of immaculate dancing at Disneyland Paris was a high energy and professionally executed performance. “It was amazing. They did such a good job… all smiling and I was crying!” said Emily, dance instructor and co-ordinator at StepUp Academy Dubai. Between them they represented 14 nationalities which really showcased the diversity of Dubai. 

"All our hard work paid off "says Rhiana a performer at the event."It was our moment to shine and It just felt great," she added. The whole performance represented a lot of effort and is a wonderful achievement for everyone involved in the academy itself. Step Up hopes to repeat to return this year and participate in the competition, parade and showcase.

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