Sell Your Art At Dubai Design District Art Market 2017

Nov 22,2017

Exciting news for emerging and established artists, designers, photographers and other creative individuals who have products and art that can be sold:

Dubai Deisgn District (D3) is scheduled to host an Art Market in December and you can apply to sell your work there!

The Market is aimed at those who might not attend the sophisticated and sometimes intimidating art events happening around Dubai. The D3 market will appeal to families, young folk and those that are just dipping their toe into the art world. Along with the stands and stalls selling art and creative products a lively and engaging program of events such as poetry readings, open mic sessions, talks and creative workshops will take place.

The Art Market aims to provide individuals the opportunity to buy affordable art with a price cap of 1500aed. If you are creating then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to sell your work and begin to build an audience.

The deadline for applications is the 7th December and the event is scheduled for Thursday 21st till Saturday 23rd December. You must be available to attend your stall during those dates.

For more information about the Markets guidelines please see their website:

Applicants should contact for more information and to apply for a place.