Luke Jerram's Art Display At Dubai Mall: Museum Of The Moon

Nov 22,2017

UK artist Luke Jerram’s "Museum of the Moon" will open to the public at the Dubai Mall in the Souk Atrium from the 30th November to the 7th January. Shoppers will be able to see the giant moon suspended above their heads as they move through the mall.

The art installation was created using high quality (120dpi) digital images of the moon(images were provided by NASA!).  At a scale of 1: 500,000 the massive seven-meter-wide sphere represents approximately 5km of the moon's surface. Various compositions and sound works have been prepared which are played alongside the installation.

Along with the imposing, yet ethereal presence of the "moon", the project collects stories about the moon from places the work is displayed. The moon is always a point of reference for humans all over the world. People use it to navigate, to measure time, they gaze at the moon and ponder the meaning of life and the moons orbit influences the tides. Muslim life is connected to the moon in terms of the lunar calendar, waiting for the sighting of the new moon to begin or end fasting for Ramadan and to determine the festive Eid season.

The "Museum of the Moon" gathers these stories and narratives as it travels and becomes an ever-evolving and growing work of art in Dubai. As the moon is displayed in different situations, indoors and outdoors, the installation takes on different nuances as it interacts with the environment and the people who move around the work during its stay.

Next time you are at the Dubai mall make sure you don't miss enjoying the fully immersive display of art that the “Museum of the Moon" experience provides.

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