Whats Hot At Dubai Design This Weekend

Nov 16,2017

Q4 in the UAE is always packed with the best events and Dubai Design Week is certainly one of them. Design week has showcased a wonderful array of programs, exhibitions, workshops, and talks to name a few. However, the big question is what to look out for this weekend as it draws to a close.

Read on for our list of unmissable "hot" events of the week:

Emerging Green Designers Workshop

17 November | 10am - 6pm
American University of Sharjah

For those budding designers out there, who want to not only design well, but design sustainably this upcoming design event should not be missed. The "hands on" workshop will be conducted by Professor Camilo Cerro, Daniel Chavez and Juan Roldan from the American University of Sharjah.

Over the day participants will get to hone their skills under the expert guidance of the tutors while creating an object from recycled materials. All the tools of the lab can be used and by the end of the day a prototype will be prepared.

The day culminates in a small exhibition of what has been created and all the prototypes will be documented. So walk in to participate at this event.


Portfolio Building Workshop

17 November | 1pm – 3.30pm
DIDI Campus, Building 4, Dubai Design District (d3)

For high school students who would like to continue on into higher education in design. The workshop will focus on helping young people prepare a strong portfolio to support their applications to University and will be an invaluable experience to any budding young designers. The workshop is to be facilitated by Dubai institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) who is: A private, world-class, not-for-profit educational institution focused on nurturing, mentoring and creating the next generation of designers who will turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s reality.


Future Leaders: Empowering the Youth of the UAE

17 November | 2pm - 5pm
Office 301A, Building 7, Dubai Design District (d3)

One of the most poignant questions of design is to what extent design can affect the behaviour of the people using or experiencing the design?  Can design change and influence the future? In this workshop, Eight Inc - a large group of designers and business creatives, explore the hidden places and the paths that young people follow through the city of Dubai. The aim? To look at ways creative design can be implemented in the chosen spaces to give young people a different aesthetic experience, with the greater vision to inspire those young people to reach their potential.


The Innovation Factory – Inventor Elmar Mock

17 November | 4pm – 5pm
DXBDW Mainstage – Building 4, Dubai Design District (d3)

Elmar Mock broke new design ground when he co-created the original Swatch Watch in 1980. The brand captured the irreverent 80's. The hugely popular brand remains strong today. Since this success Mock has founded "Creaholic" a company pushing innovation in many different fields. He will deliver a speech on innovation and anyone interested in design and innovation will do well to come and listen to his words of experience at Dubai Design Week 2017.


Mauro Porcini – PepsiCo Chief Design Officer

17 November | 5pm – 6pm
DXBDW Mainstage – Building 4, Dubai Design District (d3)

PepsiCo is one of the world's most recognizable brands and their Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini will discuss how designers work within large business and how they bring life to the brands they represent, by creating narratives that engage their audience. 


Christopher Guy – Meet the Face Behind the Name

17 November | 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Mezzanine Level 01-03, Building 6, Dubai Design District (d3)

An opportunity to meet with Christopher Guy the designer behind the famous brand CG that oozes elegance and style. Time will be spent in informal discussion focusing on the following topics:

  • The future of design and products
  • Traditional retail venues versus the new trend of online marketing.


Toy Design – From Concept to Commercial

17 November | 10am-10pm/ 18 November | 10am – 7pm

Families have a great opportunity to "pop in" to the Klug Educational Toys & Play pop up. There will be lots of well-designed toys to try out, and an opportunity to meet the toy designers themselves! Through the designs they produce Klug Toys want to encourage "learning through play" and "free imagination". They are always on the lookout for up and coming designers too!


3D Printing & 3D Scanning Workshop
Office 601B, Building 1, Dubai Design District (d3)

3D printing and 3D scanning is a cutting-edge technology that is quietly revolutionizing design. This process allows 3D objects to be produced from digital files. The workshop will teach attendees how to start with a 3D object, convert this into a digital 3D model, and then be ready to 3D print the model. An exciting and insightful opportunity to delve into the world of cutting edge technology and design.


For more information on Dubai Design Week 2017 visit http://www.dubaidesignweek.ae/2017-events-programme/