Abu Dhabi Music Competition, Project Aloft Star - The Final Show

Nov 09,2017

Project Aloft Star is set to culminate with the final show on the 10th November. Following public voting, the original 20 acts have been whittled down to four. The remaining four acts will perform in front of a live panel of judges and the winner will be crowned!

The show starts at 7pm, Relax@12, Aloft Abu Dhabi. Maz and James from Virgin Radio 104.4 will host the show. The winner will receive a unique opportunity of being mentored by Sony's best professionals to produce a music video that will be distributed on their network.

The stakes on Friday will be high!

The finalists are:

  • Iva Georgiva is the only woman left in the competition. With a beautiful voice and a wide range in her vocals, her performance promises to touch the heart. Will she be the one to charm the judges?
  • Yousef Khalil's sound is edgy, modern,reminiscent of Jamaican Ragga and American rap. Will he be the one to impress the judges with his lyrical lyrics?
  • Stephon Lamar has a vocal style that is silky sweet and soulful paired with lively disco beats. Will he be the one to impress the judges with his smooth performance?
  • Danny Aridi is the final contestant and he has a distinct voice which he uses to build a powerful atmosphere in a gritty kind of way. Will he be the one to impress the judges with his emotive performance?

More information about the competition and four songs from the contestants can be seen on the competition website: https://aloftstar.com/

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