Local Talent Set To Shine At Al Ain Music Festival

Nov 02,2017

As Al Ain music festival returns to the Garden City on Friday, live music fans are in for a treat. The festival now in its fifth year showcases musicians local to the UAE. It opens Friday 3rd November at 6.30pm, with an evening of Classical music, "Garden City Classics" at La Dolce Vita. As well as the Al-Ain Chamber Orchestra, the accomplished American soprano Sherri Weiler, pianist Natalia Nechepurenko, and violist Ilya Netkach will perform. This concert is FREE. If you have never experienced classical music played live then this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

On Saturday 10th November, 8pm the festival continues at Danat Al Ain Resort Hotel with an exciting chance to discover someone new at the open mic live event.

The next event of the Festival will be on the 16th November, 7pm at La Dolce Vita - "Acoustic Vibes" featuring performances by Atlanta Frith, Joan McEldowney and Midan Almeida. This event is also FREE.

On the 17th November, 8pm the "All about the Jazz night" will get you in the groove at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel. Exciting news for Jazz fans: Musicians "The Desert Duo" will return to the festival for the first time since their debut at the Festival in 2015.

Finally, with a feisty musical explosion the Festival concludes on the 24th November with two events

  • "Young hands and Voices, 6pm at Al Ain Academy Auditorium.
  • "Live and┬áLoud with the Chronicles of Khan", 8pm at Luce at Danat Al Ain Resort Hotel.

For more information and news about the festival: www.alainmusicfestival.com