All Upcoming Concerts At Autism Rocks Arena Will Be Licensed

Nov 01,2017
Dubai Music Events News Autism Rocks Arena

Following the Fiesta De Los Muertos concert on Friday and the decision NOT to serve alcohol, the Autism Rocks Arena has CONFIRMED they will be serving alcohol at the much-awaited upcoming gigs:

  • 17th November: J-Lo (tickets still available)
  • 23rd November: Ed Sheenan (SOLD OUT)
  • 8th December: Elton John

The decision host a dry (Feista De Los Muertos)concert came through as organizers wanted to make the gig acceptable to a wider demographic and felt that in this case serving alcohol would be inappropriate. They thank all concertgoers for their understanding.

The Al Ahli Holding Group who own the arena have confirmed that all upcoming concerts will be licenced.

The twice rescheduled Elton John concert should now finally go ahead on the 8th December as one of the most hotly anticipated and patiently awaited concerts of the year. 

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