Urban Art Festival To Open At D3

Oct 30,2017

The "Blue Cave Urban Art Festival" is all set to launch this weekend at D3. 

Large-scale works of graffiti, modern sculpture and installations are to be presented around the D3 area. These works will remain in Dubai all year round to contribute to the vibrant sense of design and multicultural community that is already prevalent in D3.

Along with the chance to see the exciting urban artworks for the first time by artists such as Fernando Chamarelli, L7M, and calligrapher El Seed, the Festival will host many workshops to engage children and young adults of all ages:

  • Learning how to customise your jackets and sneakers – develop your own individual style
  • A workshop to learn about illustration – an exploding profession thanks to the internet
  • A Graffiti Letters workshop to get your youngsters started in Urban Art
  • A Yoga Painting workshop for children – get fit and creative at the same time
  • A Magazine workshop – for all those budding writers out there
  • And many more!

There will also be music, live painting performances, poetry and other exciting urban art events all coming together dynamically over the three days. 

The event will be held from November 2 - 4. For more info visit their facebook page here