Chrissie Hynde Apologies To Fans

Oct 30,2017

Rocker Chrissie Hynde best known for hits such as "I'll Stand by You" with her group "the Pretenders" stood true to "rebel rock me" form at a concert at Irish Village's Live on the Lake concert in Dubai when she insulted the concert goers for filming with their phones. After some creative insults reminiscent of "pack it up" and "I'm a mother" she stormed off the stage.

Since the concert Chrissie has posted her apology on Facebook to her fans. She admits she was a Bxxch and that she felt sorry about how she behaved afterwards. In the apology she also reminds her fans that she is who she is (a reclusive and a reactionary rocker).

Let's not forget Chrissie comes from a time when concert "bootleggers" were reviled by musicians because they would rip off the live act and then re-sell the recordings for their own financial gain. While the musicians remained unpaid for the music they had created. What are the modern versions of "bootleggers"? People who record the concert and upload to YouTube. Perhaps, this is the truth behind her reaction, rather than her dislike of being filmed or photographed uninvited – she was at a live concert performing after all.

All in all, Chrissie remains true to her music with her behaviour. Albums of feisty songs juxtaposed with tender compositions. We hope her fans will "stand by her" and love her for who she is.