Wendy Bednarz The Palimpsest Series

Oct 18,2017

Wendy Bednarz is a filmmaker and a photographer whose professional work engages multicultural narratives and has screened at venues worldwide including New York Museum of Modern Art, Montreal World Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. His upcoming solo exhibition at the New York University Abu Dhabi(NYUAD) Project Space is titled The Palimpsest Series - it includes large-scale photographs that inhabit spaces between abstraction and figuration and are shown with a new sound installation, Palimpsest Soundscape, to create an immersive visitor experience.

“Each Palimpsest photograph is a compressed memory, my version of Chinese Whispers in which by retelling stories that I do not fully understand, I change information and rationalize according to my own beliefs, biases and cultural background. Memories and fantasies are intertwined, crossing over and interfering with each other, becoming enhanced and distorted with each recollection as I selectively composite each Palimpsest image to reflect my version of the truth, as if changing the lyrics to a well-known song.” Wendy Bednarz

This is the first time The Palimpsest Series, photographs from Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar is being exhibited in its entirety and with the Palimpsest Soundscape

Opening reception: Wednesday October 16th, 5:30pm. The artist will be present. Exhibition runs untill November 6

For more info on the artist visit www.wendyjbednarz.com