Comic Craze Exhibition Opens Next Month

Aug 29,2017
Comic Craze

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) has announced the launch of an exciting and innovative exhibition celebrating comic arts and animation. The Comic Craze exhibition will open to the public at Al Qattara Arts Centre on 14th September 2017, and will feature comic strip artworks by talented artists from across the UAE.

Comic Craze showcases examples of different techniques and materials from fabricated portraits to animated films. Highlighting the flourishing community of comic artists in the UAE, the exhibition highlights the artistic expressions of established and emerging comic artists who depict scenes from society and government.

Among the artists featured in the exhibition, Khalid Bin Hamad’s sci-fi animation series, Empire of N, aims to generate a new form of media in the UAE. Empire of N is a mix between action and science fiction with an Emirati twist, where Khalid uses Japanese animated style to reflect on the Emirati identity. The series has a unique element as it presents the audience with an artwork that represents local society in an international style.

Starting 14th September the exhibition will be open daily at Al Qattara Arts Centre from 5 to 9pm and will run until 19 October 2017.