Art Therapy And Its Rise In The UAE

Aug 01,2017
Art Therapy Dubai

The last five years have seen the field of Art Therapy trending in the US and other European markets. Here we look at a brief introduction into Art therapy, its clinical effectiveness and benefits.


From drawing to singing, Art therapy implements all the virtues of art to improve a person’s quality of life as well as their self-perception. It is an effective and interactive form of psychotherapy that involves art (E.g, painting, modeling, playing an instrument, etc.) as a medium to express deep, suppressed and untangled emotions in order to help treat and alleviate the symptoms of a particular type of mental illness.

Both the therapist and the client need not possess artistic skills, An Art Therapist’s sole objective during the course/session is to identify and apply appropriate techniques to assist a person in expressing complex thoughts that one might struggle to do so verbally. The therapist then uses this output to diagnose and assess the individual through the duration of the course



While the effectiveness may vary depending on a number of factors, Art Therapy has proven to be beneficial in a wide range of cases, from addiction, emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety, to pervasive developmental disorders such as autism. If managed appropriately, the process reveals unimaginable discoveries that helps decipher these issues. Many have also reportedly drawn valuable insights from the process that has enabled them to identify their life purpose.



Both undergraduate and graduate programs are offered at universities and Art Therapists typically hold post-grad degrees that are a combination of art and psychology. Art therapy is certainly a newer field and whilst introduction and acceptance by the general public in the MENA region does require a few more years. It is safe to say that this field is on the rise and may prove to be a viable career option


Art Therapy in the UAE

Dubai based Art Therapy International Centre (ATIC) is the first art therapy centre in UAE and the only licensed art therapy centre in Dubai. They have devised a course workshop in collaboration with the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) aimed at individuals that simply wish to learn more about Art Therapy or want to consider Art Therapy as a career option. The course may also appeal to Health Care and Education professionals looking to diversify their skill-set

“While this course is not a qualification to practice as an art therapist since a Master’s degree is required to do so, it is suitable to use for anyone that works with diverse populations in the UAE says Andrew C Wright Co Founder and Clinical Director , ATIC Dubai. ‘’You will learn how to facilitate sensitive communication through art and how to work safely within your professional scope of expertise’’ he adds

Our courses include topics like Art Therapy in the Arab World and Islamic Philosophy, Expatriate challenges, Medical Art Therapy and more. It arms students with practical experience and a certificate is provided upon successful completion of the course. Students can also benefit from attending speaker conferences delivered by experts in the field with practices in the UAE and beyond. Experience of art making is not a pre-requisite.


ATIC also provides Art therapy consultation sessions to children, adults, families and corporates  

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