UAE Humanitarian Workers Complete Music Therapy Training

Jul 09,2017
Sharjah City For Humanitarian Services

Music Therapy is a form of Art Therapy that can help enhance cognitive abilities and social skills when used as a form of treatment. A music lover needs little or no convincing that music can be an extremely powerful tool. For centuries rhythms and melodies have been known to influence moods, behavior and actions. It can play an instrumental role in war tactics or can get two opposing political parties to join hands (as exemplified during Bob Marley’s performance at the One Love Concert). The UAE has once again taken a major step and gravitated towards using music for the general betterment of society.

Recently, the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services organized a training programme in partnership with specialists from the world-renowned Iowa University to arm dedicated humanitarians of the UAE with a strong understanding of how to use music therapy to help individuals with special needs.

It has been reported that a third batch of employees from the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services have completed the programme and are already on their way to use this knowledge and understanding to treat those with varied abilities. A total of 44 employees have successfully completed their training as part of this initiative launched in January of 2017. They will be joined by many others who are currently enrolled in the programme.

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