UAE Artists Share Their Thoughts On Ramadan

May 27,2017
Ramadan Dubai Artist

The holy month of Ramadan is here and we are sprucing ourselves to welcome it with open arms. Ramadan brings about a phenomenal empowerment that is spirituality and sanctity of the soul of all practicing Muslims. This pious feeling is uniquely celebrated by the art community of UAE.

“During the holy month artists and art activists connect with society and give back by indulging in various charity work. We use art to bring smiles to those around us " says Zaahirah Zabeen Muthy, Award winning artist and founder of ZeeArts Community

Sheikh saifi describes the month with reference to his style of art, "Ramadan is a holy month of blessings. As an artist I think Islamic art captures the essence of the month. However, as a Surrealistic calligrapher I personally believe that the spiritual effect of this holy month indulges my deep thoughts and affection towards the Arab culture. I'm also more enthusiastic and passionate about filling in colors with meaning. "

"As an artist, I think Ramadan is a great time to reflect on how one wishes to give back to society says Artist Afshan Quraishi. I’m generally drawn towards all donations and auctions which can help a cause or benefit a charity. Charities like Sharjah Charity International & Red Crescent provide food to the low income in different locations of Sharjah. I also donate a portion of the proceeds from each art piece sold to two specific charities 'Dubai Cares' which is locally based and 'Marriage funds ' which is a fund used to support the wedding expenses of underprivileged girls in my hometown Kurnool in India."

Another Dubai artist Shadab Khan has similar views about charitable deeds during Ramadan "Through art we can fulfil one of the most important objectives of Ramadan - which is to help others. By auctioning my art I’m able to provide monetary aid for the education of underprivileged children and families. This endeavor can bring about happiness and change during Ramadan and Eid. 

Actions of generosity and compulsory charity are called “Zakat” adds Shiba Khan a Dubai based fashion designer and emerging artist. I find art to be a spiritual practice and something which gives me inner peace through its purity and freedom of self-expression. Charity art exhibitions are common and also art workshops that bring about happiness is an act of generosity known as “Sadka”. Therefore I perceive Ramadan to be a month that helps me and my family purify as true believers."

Lets keep an eye out for these fantastic UAE artists during Ramadan and assist in getting the word out on charitable art auctions. Ramadan Kareem!


About the Writer

Minisha Bhardwaj is an active, self taught Indian artist and art activist currently based in Dubai. She is known for her charcoal impressions and fusion of finger and knife paintings. For more information on the artist follow her on Facebook @Art.Impressions.Of.Mishaa and Instagram @misha_art_impressions