Bridging The Past And Present

May 15,2017

Art season has come to an end with World Art Dubai 2017 being the last major fair. I am sure you have read a great number of reviews on the fair’s highlights. Therefore this one will be a bit different. Here we look at a few exhibited artworks through a historical perspective.

My goal is to show you the connection or similarities between contemporary artworks and masterpieces of the past. It could be described as an intellectual game that you can play alone or better with someone else. The aim is to broaden your knowledge and encourage learning.

Shall we start?

I met a lot of people who have named Gustav Klimt as their favourite artist and I am no exception. One artist at the exhibition - Anastasia Yablokova represented by Artequest Ria Gallery embodied a few characteristics that were similar to Klimt. The link between the two artists is not very obvious, however Yablokova’s love for gold coupled with decorative patterns makes her works stand out

The works of Luis Fuentes’ – with windows as the main theme made me think of Belgian artist René Magritte. Here we see similar windows and sky, but without Magritte’s surrealistic touch and mysteriously thought-provoking context. 

Fouad Al Emadi’s fascination with surrealism makes me recollect Dalí. Simply put, his paintings make you stop and wonder: how are the objects connected? 

A very unexpected “meeting” with Paul Cézanne, through the eyes of Luciana La Marca. Here the connections are transparency of colours coupled with bold outlines of the landscape - certainly a sight for sore eyes

Pop art lovers will immediately spot Marilyn cans white by Simon Maarouf, represented by Two M Art Gallery. The artist has used Andy Warhol’s images and combined them differently. It is not exact appropriation but Marcel Duchamp’s Mona Lisa comes to mind when recollecting the amount of personal touch added to it (look it up)

It is important to bear in mind that even if the works of contemporary artists are reminiscent to those of the past, it does not necessarily mean that they are not unique or have no value. On the contrary, art history proves that an interconnection of artists and their desire to work together has helped them boost creativity (even when they seemed to copy each other). Just think of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque’s early cubist paintings!

Have fun playing!


About the writer

Katerina Baginskaya’s career in art can be traced back to 2004 when she joined the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was appointed to the Russian embassy in Abu Dhabi as Chief of Protocol and Cultural Attaché. Later, she studied art history at Oxford University and in 2013 founded an art gallery in Dubai. Her passion for arts has lead her to contribute to numerous publications and seminars over the years. Along with completing multiple courses on art education from Russia and the US Katerina has also a degree in teaching from Moscow Pedagogical State University.

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