Dubai Moving Image Museum

May 09,2017

Did you know that the word camera comes from the arabic Al-Qumra and that it was first understood and described by prominent arab scientist and philosopher Ibn al-Haytham, also known as Alhazen, in the early 11th century. The rich history of the camera and ultimately moving images is captured exquisitely at the Dubai Moving Image Museum(DMIM).

Housing the private collection of Mr. Akram Miknas, the DMIM was born out of Mr. Miknas' wish to share his collection with the public, hoping to inspire and educate the region with an exciting part of history. All items in the museum are original, dating back from the 1730s to the twentieth century.

“The primary goal of this museum is to establish a continuity of the rich cultural arts and heritage of the region for its future generation” says museum manager, Lora Joice. “DMIM prides itself as the first and only one of its kind in this region. It does not just aim to be a local and international reference hub, but the objective is to make this a worldwide nucleus and an academic destination.” She adds

Film makers & film enthusiasts can benefit from learning the evolution of visual entertainment. “knowing the past will make it easier to understand the present and less difficult to visualize the future” says Lora. In just over two decades - starting with the first full-length experimental Emirati film Aabrar Sabeel (Passer-by) in the late 1980s - the UAE has cultivated a burgeoning film industry. In particular, there are exciting developments taking place in the arts at a government level

The UAE has positioned itself as a country that encourages the art of film making. Yes international filmmakers are viewing the UAE as a new destination to shoot big budget movies but more importantly both Emiratis and expats are building the local community and an entity such as DMIM is sure to inspire and add fuel to this drive.

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