Mawaheb From Beautiful People

Mar 07,2017

Artists often struggle to find their own unique expression, but when they do it creates a sense of development within them since they are now able to effectively communicate through art. Few individuals think about how this concept could help those with special needs and fewer take it forward.

Prior to visiting Dubai Wemmy De Maaker worked in Holland for over 15 years with disabled individuals. Upon arriving she quickly realized that in the UAE there were limited or no activities for adults with a disability.

In 2009, Wemmy ran a campaign to raise awareness and revenue for an art studio. This is when Mawaheb from Beautiful People was created

Mawaheb (the Arabic word for "talented") is an art studio for individuals with special needs. It is located in the picturesque Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood (Al Bastakiya) in Dubai “Our vision is to encourage each individual regardless of disability to reach their highest potential through art”, says Wemmy De Maaker, Founder and Managing Director of Mawaheb.

The program is mainly targeted towards young adults, she adds. “They must be 16 years and above to attend our classes. All classes are under the guidance of two professional art teachers, Gulshan Kavarana and Alan Mongey. Here they can learn painting, sculpture, ceramic, mosaic and photography among other art forms.

The studio promotes and sells its in-house artist creations through various art exhibitions around the UAE. However as a Non Profit organization Mawaheb relies on volunteers and corporate partnerships to remain operational. If you are an artist and would like to share your talent with these young individuals please get in touch with the team and make a difference.

Contact Mawaheb  on Tel : 0435238328,or 00971 50 4213070  Email: or visit

Photo Credit: Susanna Dahlstedt