Who Is She

Nov 18,2016

Indian, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery 1x1 showcases its newest concept exhibition titled Who is she? This exhibition brings together two prominent artists Judy Blum Reddy and Poonam Jain

Judy Blum Reddy was born to parents who had escaped from the holocaust in Vienna to New York, married to Krishna Reddy in France, India has been recurring in her artistic career and her art is a reflection of these experiences.

Poonam Jain draws impossible architecture as if it were based on the tenets of Jainism. Dealing with the assertions of Jain philosophy that is based on mathematics and infinity she allows us to see the alienation and violence that a city sheds on an independent woman

"Judy uses sarcasm and humour to poke fun on the iterations of male modernism and painting by drawing out train tables and bureaucratic committees in New Delhi. While Poonam Jain draws impossible architecture as if it were based on the tenets of Jainism" says curator Sumesh Sharma. The exhibition is currently is being held at 1x1 Art Gallery, Alserkal Avenue and will run until 31 Dec.

For more information contact 1x1 Art Gallery on Tel: +971 4 3411287. Saturday-Thursday: 11am-7pm. Email: info@1x1artgallery.com