Nov 01,2016

The Arts Center at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), showcases a number of performances from music, theater, dance, film, poetry and interdisciplinary fields alongside distinguished professional artists from around the world. As a place that develops original art and represents other artists NYUAD acts as a vibrant laboratory for performances that foster a dynamic relationship between art, scholarship and community. The center hosts a range of public programs that draw residents of the UAE to its campus, thus animating and enriching the cultural life of both city and university through interaction.

The latest in its unique collection is a performance art installation called Holoscenes. The theme of this performance is the connection of everyday actions of individuals to global climate change.

It is at its core, a collision of the human body and a large volume of water that moves. At the center is a human-size aquarium that floods, drains, and floods again, inhabited by a rotating cast of performers conducting everyday behaviors.

Come join the community  and be a part of the artistic vision.

Show timings: Wed to Sat, Nov 16 - 19. Come anytime between 4pm & 9pm. Admission is free. Book your ticket here http://www.nyuadartscenter.org/en_US/events/2016/holoscenes/