Mastercard Logo Redesign

Jul 28,2016

Previous logo used between: 1996 - 2016
New logo launched: July 2016
Artwork global availability: September 30, 2016
Designed by: Michael Bierut and Luke Hayman of NY based Pentagram
Colours: Red represents vitality,Yellow represents happiness, richness and prosperity
Font: FF Mark

What does mastercard say?
To reflect our readiness and optimism about the future, we introduced an evolution of our brand identity-simplified, modernized, and optimised for use in digital contexts. With this new identity, Mastercard marks itself as a forward-thinking,human-centered technology company that connects people to priceless possibilities

What we think?
At first glance this rebranding might seem like an unnecessary change.But if you look closely you may see the company’s forward thinking reasoning. Mastercard has done away with its uppercase letters and mastercard now appears as one word. Although the company has cleverly stuck with its original color scheme the biggest change has been the interlocking of circles.

While a lot of graphic designers would complain about the lack of artistic talent in the redesigning of circles. There is a reason the company has gone in this direction. Mastercard’s logo in the early 90’s had over 20 interlocking lines between the circles. In 96’ this was reduced to ten and now the new logo has none. After all this is how we like our technology - smooth and seamless.

With the new age of online payments mastercard is more concerned about its digital image. The company has quietly made two of its largest acquisitions in the last year buying Vocalink and Applied Predictive Technologies or a total of $1.7Billion. It is also currently in talks with paypal to create a deal that will promote exclusive use of their cards. However its main tactical gambit is the masterpass digital wallet that will sooner or later conquer our lives.

Verdict: Great Design. Simple but in line with the company’s vision especially when you consider that in the next 20 years mastercard could generate over half its business online/digitally. Will this logo have to be further simplified then? You decide.