Use Your Design Skills To Earn More

Jul 05,2018

Every designer wants to stay creative in spite of having a full-time job or freelancing, so why not earn some extra cash in the process. There are numerous ways to make money using your design skills. All it requires is a little extra effort and time, but the boost in your income makes it worth it. We have put together a few ideas and ways to help you bring in money through your skills and experience in designing.


1.People like physical products

A popular way to make money with your designs is by selling them as physical products. Print your design on t-shirts and device cases or sell them as stickers and posters. If you’re looking for a place to sell your products, take a look at Redbubble, Society 6, Etsy and others. You could also make a website and sell your products on your own, so you get to keep more of the profit.


2. Sell your digital assets, don't store them

If you prefer keeping your designs digital, sell them as digital assets. This would enable you to sell your designs as vector graphics, fonts, icon sets, themes and templates and more. Digital designs can be marketed to many places including stock libraries as well as Creative Market, Graphics River and Themeforest.


3. Write about your design field

Selling designs isn’t the only way to go. Your experience with design work is valuable information too. Spreading this knowledge by writing will get you some handy cash. You can start writing articles for blogs or magazine although you will need a unique approach to get people interested in your writing. If writing articles doesn’t work for you, write an e-book and self-publish it. Printing and selling a physical book takes a little more investment and time but is also an option.


4. Spread your knowledge

Instead of writing, you could also share what you have learnt over the years by making small written tutorials. The Graphic Design School blog and Photoshop Tutorials are two of the sites that will you for your tutorials. Speaking at local design events is another way of teaching, but it might require you to give speeches for free before you start getting paid. If you have a little more time to spare you could also set up your own online design course on Skillshare, Udemy or CreativeLive. However, do your research in advance to make sure there is a demand for the topic you are willing to talk about.


5. Earn affiliate income from your website

If you already have a site where you talk about products to use or books you like, simply add an affiliate link to the product mentioned to get some extra money. You will not earn a lot from this, but it is a quick and easy way to make a little money.