Staying Relevant And Creative

May 22,2017

Whether you’re a blogger, poet, songwriter or involved in any form of creative endeavor it is important to stay relevant and creative in modern society that is evolving faster than ever before. If you have hit a road block do read our earlier post on Recovering from a Creative Burnout and as soon as you have identified the core problem, the below tips will help you kick down the wall standing between success and you!


What’s trending?

Use social listening platforms and tools such as Google Trends as a source of inspiration. The customizable features of this tools can give you valuable insights into trending topics within your discipline. Stay relevant by incorporating these trends, but be sure to share an interesting/unique view on a topical conversation that your audience would enjoy and to differentiate yourself from the rest as this will give new readers a good reason to click through. It is also important to note that, it is inessential to select trends that are directly related to the topic you usually discuss about. Complimentary subjects can also work, depending on how well you’re able to connect the two together.


Throwback with a twist.

Revisit your older work. It is quite possible that multiple ideas once sprung to mind that you were later forced to ignore in order to comply with the recommended length of your post (as I do now, painfully!) when you wrote some of them. These ideas may have been other areas of a topic that you wished to delve into further. Your older work can be a source of inspiration too! Perhaps you could marry the above-mentioned tip to inform your next blog subject. Start by identifying those sub topics and then confer with the likes of Google Trends. And if you haven’t been doing this already, write them down for later use!


It’s not always the message, but at the times the messenger.

If your users have developed an affinity towards your blog, bear in mind that they are interested in your message because they are able to identify with you. So, shine the spotlight on you every now and then, and give your readers an insight into your personal life. This deepens the bond between you and your readers and adds a personal touch to your message


Ask your audience questions and co-create your next topic

This can be extremely powerful if used appropriately. Asking your audience questions either through your social media channels or at the end of your post itself is not only an excellent way to build engagement and hype around your next project but can also be powerful where idea generation is concerned. Encouraging readers to share their opinion, experience or ask you specific questions can create a sense of community amongst your readers but will help you discover your next subject as it’s quite likely that you will find patterns between these comments/questions. Furthermore, this will show your readers that you are interested in their views and opinions and willing to advocate their opinions by using your platform to spread their unique and insightful message. 

We hope that the above guides you to curate the right content. Stay Relevant Stay Creative!