Tips For Beginner Artists

Apr 29,2017

Choosing an art medium can be a challenge for the beginning artist simply because there are so many. A walk through an art supply store can be exciting, or overwhelming, depending on how prepared the new artist is to purchase new paints, pencils or art pastels. Quality art supplies are a big investment, and the money must be spent on a medium the artist will truly enjoy. Now the question arises, “What medium do you choose?” Well!, it depends on the artist and his/her style.

An urban sketcher will always stick to pens, pencils, charcoal and watercolors as they are a fast drying medium and can easily be carried whilst traveling. Whereas an artist who is fond of colors and absolutely experimental would love playing with acrylics and find joy in abstract art. An artist who enjoys details and has a lot of patience should opt for oil paints, because they are slow drying and can very easily be rectified at any given moment. If you are a person who prefers a limited palette of colours, and love to bring out minute details especially in portraits then charcoal/graphite is the best medium

As I self-taught artist who has been learning over the last two years I have never taken any online courses, because I personally feel that in order to develop stylistically one needs to experiment and learn through trial and error. However basic guidance can be found online through tutorials on youtube and other websites. My art is internally driven, it is about my emotion and passion at a given moment. Sometimes it is even memory or my present state of mind.

My advice to emerging artists would be - draw because you love drawing. Try different methods and mediums until you find the right combination of subject, style, method, and material. And more impotantly practice, practice, practice till your style emerges organically. Get influenced by other artists and their form of art, but also try and develop your own style and carve your own niche. Art is divine, it's precious, it's meditation, don't connect it with easy name, fame and money, choose art for the love of it!! 

About the Writer

Minisha Bhardwaj is an active, self taught Indian artist and art activist currently based in Dubai. She is known for her charcoal impressions and fusion of finger and knife paintings. For more information on the artist follow her on Facebook @Art.Impressions.Of.Mishaa and Instagram @misha_art_impressions