Recovering From A Creative Burnout

Feb 13,2017

If you have not hit this point yet it may seem like a far-fetched concept. However creative burnout is very real and is often associated with the dark side of creativity



Like any downfall, the first barrier is always acceptance and when creativity is involved it becomes even more difficult to evaluate simply because its effects are not very obvious



It is a crucial factor and a major step in the recovering process. Creativity is like any other muscle in your body if you approach it too many times in a similar manner it will build resistance and will eventually hamper progress. You must switch it up from time to time and look at new avenues that will help fuel your inspiration


Weight of expectation

Most times creative individuals are at battle with themselves trying to best their previous efforts. Expectations can become a burden at times and it is advisable to sometimes look at things without the weight of expectations. What would I do if there were no expectations from me? Would I approach this subject differently?


Leave it be

Feeling uninspired?  Take a break and do something that you will enjoy. when you feel recharged get back to working. This is bound to give you a fresh perspective and will help you decide if it is something you want to continue working on.


Track progress

Tracking progress always helps since we are our own worst critics. You could benefit from taking snapshots and notes of your journey since memory can be unreliable at times. Physically tracking progress can get you the motivation you need to keep pushing forward and achieve greater goals.