Top Podcasts For Artists

Jun 22,2018

Podcasts are a great new way of consuming content, it doesn't involve big corporations and the best shows are often unfiltered and informative. For this list we have compiled the best international podcasts for artists - our main criteria was finding podcasts with exclusive substance, most of this content is rarely if ever found on television or magazines.


Have fun listening.


The Jealous Curator: Art For Your Ears

If you are looking for inside scoop on the lives of contemporary artists, this is the podcast for you. It consists of behind the scene, personal stories from successful artists and their take on things as well as stories about other artists they know and have worked with. Hilarious tales along the way keep this show light and fun.



ArtCurious shines light on the fascinating stories hidden deep within art history. It gets you thinking about the parts of art history that are usually overlooked by discussing interesting story-based questions like Did Van Gogh really commit suicide? and how the rivalry between Michelangelo and Raphael produce one of the best works of art.


Art Detective

Dive into the world of art history with this podcast. Art Detective aims to help people understand history through understanding art. Art pieces are brought to life through thorough discussions with experts on cultural and historical circumstances.


Artists Helping Artists

Artists Helping Artists revolves around selling art online. Each episode talks about a new topic that addresses marketing artwork on the internet. As the host, Leslie Saeta, has spent 30 years selling her art using a non-traditional approach, her guest artists and art galleries have a lot of knowledge to share with those looking to building a successful career in art.


Dr Great Art! Short, Fun Art History Artecdotes!

This podcast by artist and art historian Dr. Mark Staff Brandl gives listeners an inside look at visual art and art history. While being incredibly entertaining, Dr. Brandl presents and discusses educational tidbits from the history of art.

Do you agree with our list? What would you recommend?