Three Art Books You Should Read This Summer

Jun 17,2018

Summer is upon us and we have compiled a list of three essential art books you may want to pick up. For this list we have omitted art autobiographies, tutorials and history, instead our list includes books that will broaden your modern art knowledge. We picked these off the shelves at Kinokuniya aka Book World in Dubai Mall. Let us know if you agree with our lists and have any recommendations.


Seeing Slowly: Looking At Modern Art - Dh146

International art dealer Michael Findlay urges museum-goers to unplug from the audio tour, ignore those information labels, and really see art with all of their senses. When it comes to viewing art, living in the information age is not necessarily a benefit. 

Findlay argues that seeing slowly is actually a technique that one must consciously participate in since most visitors in todays world only spend about ten seconds on a particular artwork and that time includes reading the labels. Our favorite chapter in the book is "Real Connoisseurs Are Not Snobs,"


The Art of Buying Art - Dh104

This book is a classic but has been updated with the latest trends.  The Art of Buying Art now includes topics such as online art buying,  how to negotiate prices, how to tell the difference between an original and a reproduction and more. This is also one of the few reads useful to both beginner and veteran art buyers.


The Artist Project - Dh325

Ever wondered what popular artists think of different artworks? The Artist project Interviews 120 international contemporary artists discussing the artworks that inspired them and their creative process. This is one of the few books that manages to stay honest without focusing on political correctness. If you are looking for inspiration then this book is for you.

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