Best Apps For Choosing Your Colour Scheme

Jan 30,2017

Choosing the right color scheme is extremely important since it adds depth and evokes emotion from an image. Below are our top picks, these are app based and do not include other online color picker tools and software packages. Let us know if you agree with our list and which app would you add to it? 


This tool lets you pick a color from the browser and adjust it. It is quite handy for designers who wonder how a particular color combination has been created. To make it even more convenient it is usable as an extension with chrome and firefox


Pictaculous is simple with one objective - It lets you generate a colour palette from any image. Now that is useful!

Color Explorer

This free tool is quite handy and does pretty much everything you would expect a color palette suggestion tool. It even lets you save your color choices and export them to your design software of choice


Although coolors may not be everyone’s cup of tea it is our top pick because this app works on a unique concept. You select a color and coolors gives you various options everytime you hit the spacebar. Therefore if you are a designer stuck in a rut coolors may be your answer. The interface on both desktop and app versions have been beautifully designed and are extremely easy to use