Top 5 Free Websites For Songwriters

Nov 02,2016

Most independent songwriters refuse to use aid or browse through songwriting websites for tips or inspiration because they feel it may taint their music. However there isn't anything wrong with it and most songs on the radio are collaborative efforts of large teams. Take for instance - Work by Rihanna, despite its simplicity this song featured seven songwriters and five producers. While some may criticize the songwriting and lyrical content of this single. Work easily topped the Billboard Hot 100.

So why did it work?(no pun intended) and if this is the future of the industry why does a deeply emotional ballad by Adele or a complex rhyme scheme by Ed Sheeran also work?

We have compiled a list of free websites to help you with your songwriting skills irrespective of genre.

This list does not include software/apps or music theory based websites

5. Songwriting Scene
This blog currently seems to have run out of steam. But considering the diverse content that's already been published. It makes it to our Top 5. Check out the creative process section for some interesting tips

4. Muse Songwriters
Although this site looks like it was designed in 1995 it has a great forum with a quite loyal fanbase. The topics on song crafting are particularly interesting and you could spend hours reading through them

3. Songwriters on Process
It does exactly what its name suggests and has consistently published interviews featuring some of the industries leading professionals. You can find articles on anyone from Jim Lauderdale(The Dixie Chicks) to Mark Morton (Lamb of God)

2. The Lyric Writers Room
A hidden gem out there. The lyric writers workroom has some great exclusive content that is extremely well written with minimum filler.

1. American Songwriter
The granddaddy of them all is the american songwriter. You can find everything from video sessions to lyric contests. However our favorite section is the Songwriting U which publishes articles on coaching, touring, marketing and more. Although the site does require you to sign up, access to their content is free.