Inspirational Car Artwork

Sep 18,2018

An 'art car' is a vehicle that has had its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression. These automobiles are often worked on by specialists commonly known as 'car artists'. These artists are usually self-taught geniuses that can often get overlooked. For this list, we looked at a few inspirational modified cars that will get your creative engines revved up.


Mini Alan Aldridge
This custom paint job on the Mini (pictured above) by graphic design legend Alan Aldridge was inspired by the song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and was displayed at London's Design Museum. Yes its trippy and we love it.


Lamborghini TRON

The Tron Lamborghini is one of the few cars that has gained global recognition for its looks and futuristic expression. The vehicle has also spawned a whole generation of custom Lamborghinis that mimic the original Tron car.


Gold Continental GTR

Popular Japanese vehicle tuning shop Asi-Tetsu customised this Bentley with glittery gold designs and a custom paint job of ornamental flowers on the hood. Asi Tetsu made 29 of these and each sold for a cool $800,000.


Gold Audi

Oh well, imagine having an Audi and then colouring it in gold to make it fancier. Hip Hop recording artist, Tyga got his Audi dipped in gold and we cannot help but fall in love with it.  


Mercedes McLaren Chrome

A chromed out Mercedes McLaren seems to be a popular fixture amongst the elite. Although not really custom artwork, this car seems to be what the future holds in terms of overall paintwork and aesthetics. Yes, obnoxious is sometimes the right way to go when getting your car customised to look like a work of art.


In the UAE, we rarely encounter customised cars and designs, according to the Automotive Experts at Beep UAE, “People in the UAE are not aware of the customisation laws, which is why they are reluctant to have any changes done to their cars, but in reality some changes are acceptable as long as the individual first seeks permission from the concern authorities”.