The Dubai Font. Why Is It Important And What Makes It Different

Aug 01,2017
Dubai Font

Fonts are created every other day so what makes the Dubai font standout? Heres our take 


Why was it created?

The Dubai font was designed to create harmony between Latin and Arabic – The Font family includes four weights. Dubai Light, Dubai (regular), Dubai Medium and Dubai Bold. These fonts are designed for setting both Arabic and Western European languages together, therefore the space between lines is quite generous.


Was it the first typeface created specifically for a city?

The Dubai font is the first typographic collaboration between a corporation(Microsoft) and a government but there are already countries and cities that have their own distinguishable fonts. These include Chattanooga, London Johnston and most notably Sweden Sans.

Does it really help?

The simple answer is Yes. as Quartz notes, “The conundrum lies in translating graceful calligraphic marks to pixel-based digital formats, and making sure they’re legible for a range of media—from print to websites, video screens, and mobile phones”. The Dubai Font was designed for use in both traditional and modern media, it is also the first font that makes a conscious effort of merging Latin and Arabic scripts into a seamless transition


Impact on society

Dubai wanted its font done right and therefore commissioned Monotype-  The company that developed Times New Roman, Arial, Gill Sans and others. The font is pre-installed on Office 365 and supports 23 different languages. It is expected to reach a 100 million people in 180 countries.

This merger of two entirely different scripts presents the digital world with a new free font capable of uniting multiple languages.

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