Dubai Artist Shares Her Unique Fluid Art Style Of Painting And Explains Her Cosmic Inspiration

Jul 16,2017

Shadab Khan is a versatile contemporary Indian artist, based in Dubai. Her artistic process began as a child during frequent excursions to the botanical gardens and nature conservatories.

“I used to paint when I was younger” says Shadab. “But I had not focused on my art until a few years ago. My motivation came through posting a painting on Facebook which was extremely well received”

Her artwork demonstrates a highly developed sense of color and composition with a keen attention to detail. But perhaps the most prominent characteristic is her mastery of the fluid art technique. Fluid acrylics are acrylic paints with a runny or thin consistency, designed to flow and spread easily. The most difficult aspect of this style is controlling the paint. Over the years Shadab has developed her own technique which allows her to maneuver paints to the extent that she is even able to accurately recreate artworks.

Her art combines various media and different kinds of elements to achieve texture, flow blending, and separation of color. “When I first got into fluid art there was minimum material available to learn from says Shadab. "I was then forced to practice and develop my own style and technique”

“A major inspiration for my art comes from space exploration.” adds Shadab. I love looking at images of galaxies and distant stars

Her artwork titled “ Omnya- a wish “ was also featured on Emboss and is currently nominated for the Clyde & Co MENA Art Award 2017.


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