Award Winning Graphic Designer Shares His Favourite Creations

Nov 30,2016
Graphic Design Dubai

Dwynn Trazo is a multi-award winning graphic designer who currently works with the Gulf News. He was awarded the Semper Fidelis in 2014 by his alma mater, the University of San Carlos, Philippines, for his achievements in the field of visual journalism. His talent has been recognized around the globe and bagged him a total of 64 international design awards and recognition from prestigious institutions like the SND (US), Malofiej (Spain), WAN-IFRA (Singapore) and World Press Cartoon (Portugal). Dwynn is also an enthusiastic musician and certified fitness trainer under ISSA. Dwynn's perspective as an info graphic designer is enhanced with every new project he undertakes. His personal interests, the diverse culture of the UAE and his own journey from advertising arts to web design, 3D modeling and finally visual journalism continues to be his inspiration for creative designs.Here we look at some of his favorite projects created over the last few years.

The main visual element was created using a photograph of an actual guitar that was then digitally manipulated. The initial drawings were done in illustrator and polished in Photoshop. The supporting illustrations below are also unique because they show the actual finger positions for different chords. It is pretty much everything you need to know about a guitar compiled into one neatly designed poster.

This infographic poster was produced in collaboration with another designer. It was impossible to take a picture of The Burj as a whole without distorting it so the main visual is a forced perspective with a combination of four images. The blue sky in the background embraces the description of the Burj Khalifa as a needle piercing the sky. Known as the Burj Dubai initially; this poster is now a memory of what it was initially called.

The inspiration for this infographic was drawn out of Dwynns own interest in MMA. Information was derived from hours of research on the internet as well as visiting MMA gyms. Practitioners of MMA were asked to pose for pictures using certain techniques and those served as reference for the image

Part of a series published in Gulf News leading up to the UAE 40th National Day; this image was based on the architectural marvels of the UAE. The image includes a dynamic perspective of the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, The Palm, The Grand Mosque, Qantal Al Qasba, Emirates Towers, Capital Gate, The Metro and YAS Hotel.

Stunning graphics and layout is all we can say