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Courtyard Playhouse

The Courtyard Playhouse is the first and only dedicated improv’ theatre and KHDA licensed training center in UAE. Home to Theatresports Dubai.

Art Experts+

ArtExperts+ is an educational project that is focused on delivering valuable knowledge in the field or art business, contemporary art and art history. The project consists of a variety of offline courses and seminars that enable participants to gain first-hand experience by interacting with industry professionals. Through organized classes and workshops, art professionals share their knowledge and experience

Sukoun Gallery

Sukoun Gallery was established to showcase the finest art pieces, from antiques and sculptures to fine handcrafted carpets

Pro Art Gallery

From one-of-a kind paintings to affordable limited edition prints sculptures and photography. ProArt gallery offers an impressive collection of fine art from upcoming artists to the masters

Monda Gallery

Monda Gallery offers a collection of contemporary art, fine art and photo prints in limited edition from middle eastern and international artists

Marsam Mattar

Established in 2003 by Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej. Marsam Mattar teaches art and organizes workshops, training, discussions, meetings and exhibitions.

Lumas Gallery

Created by art collectors and brought to life by 160 renowned artists and promising talents from major academies, LUMAS is passionate about offering original and inspiring art as affordable editions.

Fann A Porter

A contemporary art gallery based in Dubai representing emerging international and Emirati artists. The gallery is located under the workshop: a multi-concept space that engages through art and design practices

East Wing Gallery

East Wing is an international contemporary platform for photography, in Dubai

Baginskaya Gallery And Studio

Baginskaya Gallery has rotating exhibitions. Baginskaya Studio offers photo and video services to corporate and private clients.